Local Wineries

Lake Erie is home to some of regions finest wineries and vineyards across Canada! This unique landscape, geographically is aligned with California and the Tuscany regions of Italy, provide the perfect climate for rich soil, longer sun hours and heat to grow rich, world-class, award winning wines! 


Come experience the flavours of Windsor-Essex Wine Country! 

Viewpoint Estate Winery

Driving distance: >1 minute

151 County Road 50 east, Harrow

North 42 Degrees

Driving distance: >1 minute

130 Essex County Rd 50, Harrow

COlchester Ridge Estate Winery

Driving distance: 2 minutes

108 Essex County Rd 50, Harrow

Oxley Estate Winery

Driving distance: 2 minutes

533 County 50 Rd E, Harrow

Paglione Estate Winery

Driving distance: 5 minutes

724 County Road 50 E, Harrow

Erie Shoes Vineyard 

Driving distance: 5 minutes

410 County Road 50 W, Harrow

Colio Estate Winery

Driving distance: 9 minutes

1 Colio Drive, Harrow

Cooper's hawk vineyard 

Driving distance: 9 minutes

1425 Iler Rd, Harrow

SpruceWood Shores

Driving distance: 11 minutes

7258 Essex County Rd 50, Harrow 

Black Bear Farms

Driving distance: 13 minutes

1137 Essex County Rd 20, Kingsville

Muscedere vineyards

Driving distance: 14 minutes

7437-7549 County Rd 18, Harrow, 

Dancing swallows vineyard

Driving distance: 14 minutes

 8704 Essex Road 9, Amherstburg

SAnson Estate Winery

Driving distance: 19 minutes

9238 Walker Rd, McGregor

Pelee island winery

Driving distance: 20 minutes

455 Seacliff Dr, Kingsville

Vivace Estate Winery

Driving distance: 20 minutes

5141 Concession Rd 5 N, Amherstburg

Mastronardi estate winery

Driving distance: 24 minutes

1193 Road 3 E, Kingsville

Aleksander estate winery

Driving distance: 25 minutes

1542 County Rd 34, Ruthven

And there is so much more to explore. 


Tel: 519.796.3113 

178 County Road 50 East, Harrow ON N0R 1G0

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