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Cancellation Policies

Room Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 14 days of the arrival date, we reserve the right to retain the deposit if we are not able to fill the room. Should the cancellation be received prior to 14 days of the arrival date, the deposit will be returned in full.

Event Cancellation Policy




1.   Date Changes: 

In the event the Renter chooses to change the date of the event, every effort will be made by Magnolia Ranch, to transfer reservations to accommodate the new date. All payments made towards the original reservation will be applied to the new date unless the change request occurs within 180 days of the originally scheduled event date (the “original event”). In the event a change of date occurs within 180 days of the original event, all deposits and payments will be forfeited and a new deposit will be required to reserve a future date. All venue rental fees for the new date will be based upon Magnolia Ranch’s listed pricing at the time of the rescheduling. The Renter further understands that last-minute changes can impact the quality of the event and that Magnolia Ranch is not liable for these compromises in quality. 

2.    Cancellations:

 In the event of Renter cancellation, all payments made to the date of written cancellation are nonrefundable. To cancel your event, Magnolia Ranch must have a cancellation request in writing. Cancellations will be effective immediately. However, if Renter decides to proceed with a new date after the initial cancellation, Magnolia Ranch will only honour a date change within fourteen (14) days of the original notification of cancellation and all rules regarding date changes apply from above.

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